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A story of wood

“An extensive material investigation: 

researching the core properties of wood, going back to its origin and looking into our emotional connections with this material.”

‘A story of wood’ researches how to create physically and aesthetically durable designs. What is our relationship with wooden furniture and wood as a material? Through a sample and story exhibition display that reconnects to the origin of wood  species and the core properties of wood, ‘A story of wood’ tries to find answers to questions like these. It follows the line of the object, from human manipulated objects back to the forest and its trees, inviting people to strengthen their connection with this material that once was a living organism. 



Story of wood
A story of wood 2_edited.jpg

Within the still ongoing material study, various techniques are linked to different wood species, to shed light on which combinations create lasting designs. ‘A story of wood’ continues to answer questions such as which technique and wood species work best together, what makes us want to keep our wooden furniture for a long-term and what aspects should we keep in mind when creating durable wooden furniture?

The creation of a situation where people were invited to interact with the wooden sample and story display.

- Ongoing project


'A story of wood' will be a part of the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 

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