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“A small series of flower vases, two glass blown and two made out of ceramics.


A special project in collaboration with the Leerdam Glass museum.”

Two opposite shapes that fit together perfectly. They form a whole and support each other to be something even more special.

They are, as it were, puzzle pieces, two similar designs that intertwine in a playful way.
Together they are suited for one flower bouquet, however the vases can also be used separately.

_DSC0363 copy.jpg
vase prints copy.JPG

The aim for my design was to create a flower vase that is sturdy but elegant, minimal, however surprising.
As a result I created two flower vases that are slightly different from what we know in our everyday lives.

The different heights and sharper corners for example create exciting shadows.

My process for Novas started with sketching, followed by intuitive foam turning on the lathe machine. Finally, I designed the vase in Rhino, followed by the physical 3D print. After this I started making the plaster / quartz mold in which the glass was blown and the ceramic was pressed into shape.

IMG_0211 copy.jpg
1253B604-FFF2-40E9-9BA7-9B3B3225C90F-EEF71B38-9CA3-472B-A2A6-4885EAD20719 copy.JPG
9909077B-E276-4A78-9AB3-F024A671EBD4-73ED352C-4E1A-4D77-9501-E374FBA07E36 copy.JPG

Exhibition display 

Nationaal Glasmuseum, Leerdam 07/2021 - Present


Atelier NL, Eindhoven

01/02/2021 - 01/03/2021


Size: 17 x 17 x 27,50 cm

PHOTO-2021-10-10-20-16-42 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-10-10-20-16-42 3.jpg
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