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"The name Lucere comes from lucency within the word translucency, with the Latin meaning “to shine”."

Lucere is a project that arose from a passion for working with porcelain, because of its fragility, memory and translucency. In combination with a fascination for translucencies that can be found in our surrounding environments. For example the layered leaves in forests, the reflectivity of windows and structures of delicate materials. 

Lucere invites you to experience nature through a porcelain lens. It is a hanging porcelain drapery that mimics translucencies. Translucencies that can be found in these layers, thinnesses and the balance between opaqueness and transparency.  


Every piece within the installation is carefully handcrafted. They are brush strokes made from bone china clay, a type of porcelain, and formed into an abstract representation of nature, made to be as thin and translucent as possible. 

Because of this creation method and the various overlaps within the porcelain drapery, it enhances the feeling that the surprising shadows and light intensities have to offer. 

Lucere aims to create a mesmerizing moment. It allows you to appreciate the porcelain material that is placed in an architectural context. Embracing the fragility and inspiring lighting aspects, coming from our everyday surroundings.

Exhibition display 

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

22/10/2021 - 30/10/2021

Size per piece:

+/- 8 x 8 x 8 cm 

90436985-CA9B-4CD5-A3B6-E25B29819E56 copy.JPG
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