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Harvesting water, together

“A playful interactive rainwater harvesting installation, that invites the user to find social cohesion.”

Through the installation a community is formed, created by a collective effort that could lead to a sense of belonging. At the moment of interacting with the installation people participate in the common goal: harvesting rainwater. It evokes the opportunity to learn and act together, to take more time for both activities and education at the same time.

InstaHarvestingwater3 copy.jpg
Organised Harvesting Water3.jpg

The installation contains various parts with which people can interact, for example, the pressure system that leads the gathered water to the central fountain, the taps from which people can take water and the small greenhouses that people can water or observe growing. By following the described steps within the installation, the users will be able to move water from one place to another. Creating a playful mechanical system, which teaches people the importance of rainwater harvesting and working together.

In this picture you can see the final renders, 3D printed and presented in small scale models. Together with the wooden skeleton of the potential installation design, physically visualising the scale.

Exhibition display 

Sectie-C, Eindhoven 

28/06/2021 - 04/08/2021


Size: 150 x 150 x 200 cm



06/2021 - present

IMG_6565 copy.jpg
SignsIllustration copy 2.png
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