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“A design project for Schneid Studio as part of my product design internship.

The creation of a natural, inviting and modular lamp shade.”

Blume is a rotational lighting object, made of sustainable wooden panels and transformed into a detailed natural design, inspired by floral silhouettes. The graphically clear lines and yet slightly organic shapes define the look of Blume. Intricate structures of the lamp allow the light to subtly shine through the thin wooden slats and cast a pleasant light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Modularity makes Blume adaptable to different environments, creating playful lighting possibilities and enhancing the beauty of light expressions.

2x16 offen (360mm) copy.jpg
2x16 geschlossen (360mm) copy.jpg
9 New Lamp Layers Wireframed2 copy.jpg

A project in collaboration 

with Leon Dahl, fellow intern.


Leon concentrated more on the execution of Blender renders and setting up the technically correct laser cut files, whereas I focused on hand sketching, Illustrator drawings and creating 3D models in Rhino. Together we did material research, created various small physical prototypes and made the final 1:1 wooden prototypes of Blume.

Two renders of the same setting, visualising the modularity of the lamp in an interior context. The rotational element creates different lighting and shading options, enabling users to adjust Blume to the surrounding atmosphere.

lamp 10 render 2 copy.jpg
lamp 10 render 1 copy.jpg
RENDER12 copy.jpg
RENDER3 copy.jpg
RENDER2 copy.jpg

Various examples of renders that I have created as design proposals for Schneid Studio.

An edition of the middle render was used for the final prototype.

Prototype I copy.jpg
Prototype II copy 2.jpg
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